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Walking in the city: 6 good reasons

Especially in Italian cities, which with their unique historic centers, seem to be made especially to be discovered on foot, walking a pleasure.

Walking to discover the corners that can only be reached on foot, for the sheer pleasure of doing so or even walking to go to work, if your office or the place where you work is not too far away, perhaps using public transport, but leaving the car at home.

An hour’s walk in your city can be the best gift to give yourself, one of the many gifts of walking.

Let’s try to list some of them.

1. Save nervous energy

Prof. Lewis of the University of Sussex calls it road rage: a sort of state of stress, nervousness and frustration that captures those who are forced into traffic every day.

He also demonstrated in a research that moving in traffic is more stressful than 30% than moving by public transport. Let alone walking.

Prof. Rats of MIT Boston went further.

He put himself in the lead – and succeeded – in calculating a Road Frustration Index, trying to quantify the level of stress in traffic compared to other activities.

The result is surprising to say the least: being in traffic regularly would subject you to stress comparable only to that experienced by parachuting.

So unless you’re really into extreme sports, walk.

2. You save time

It seems strange, but in many cases taking the car can take longer than walking.

Especially when it comes to going to work, as long as you’re obviously lucky enough not to have your office too far from home.

Think of any morning on any day of work.

Imagine the scene: the parade of irremediably red traffic lights, the double row cars to avoid, the traffic, the narrower and narrower streets and the larger and bigger cars that force you to slow down.

And then, when you get to your destination, inevitably, you don’t find a parking space.

Result: you have to put the alarm clock on an hour in advance.

Meanwhile, while you’re queuing up between your horn in the 8 o’clock traffic, you can see from the window your colleague who may have done a stretch by public transport and a stretch by walking and now overtakes you on foot.

And he throws you a “see you in the office” a bit ‘mocking.

Mocking, yes.

Because it will arrive before you.

3. More care for your wallet

I can tell.

Moving on foot saves you fuel, parking and even wear and tear on your car or motorcycle, which will require less maintenance and last longer, postponing the time you have to go to the dealer.

Because the more cars and motorbikes you use, the more they wear out, unlike the human car.

The increase in the daily mileage of cars brings them closer to scrapping,

the movement instead extends the life and improves the quality, thus reducing all the costs associated with the “maintenance” of our body.

In the long term, if you walk, you cut costs and get paid back with interest.

A real investment, what do you say?

4. Get to know your city

Walking makes you rediscover your city.

The Italian cities, large or small, all have a historic center that is a treasure chest of riches unique in the world.

The best way to get to know them is to walk in them, because they are designed for this.

To be watched, breathed, with their shops, the way people go, the smell and taste of the foods of the richest gastronomic tradition in the world.

And the slower the exploration, the greater the wonder discovering how many details of beauty we have lost going even within the limits of 50 km/h.

We walk to know and recognize our city.

5. Healthy gains

The health benefits of walking are innumerable and all proven by countless studies.

6. Make your city (and the world) a better place

Walking makes you feel good if you’re not in perfect physical and mental shape.

If you already are, it makes you feel better.

That’s enough to make you not have to take your car keys every day.

But that’s not all.

Walking is a way of life.

It puts you in touch with others like you couldn’t do in the cockpit of your car.

It makes you discover corners of the city from a point of view that you had forgotten.

If you walk a little more and use the car a little less you help to reduce pollution.

You won’t solve the world’s problems, but you will make it at least a little better.