Your Sportswear

The perfect outfit for gym workouts

Technical and breathable garments that allow maximum freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Here are some tips on what to wear in the gym.

The clothing chosen for training is essential to feel comfortable, without the danger of restricting your movements and being fashionable even in the gym. So when choosing your outfit for the gym, remember to aim for comfortable fabrics and fabrics that allow you to move, bend, sweat and lift weights.

What are the preferred fabrics for gym users?

Synthetic fabrics are enemies of hygiene because in contact with sweat they cause the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, giving rise to skin fungal infections and allergies. The most important thing, therefore, is to always choose breathable fabrics. It is also advisable to avoid the sexy underwear, underwire and narrow straps of bras. These often promote rubbing and create sebaceous cysts, eczema and irritation from sweat and rubbing.

The sports bra with wide braces is a must-have for women who practice sports because it ensures support and freedom of movement. As for the panties, the best choice are those in pure cotton.

What to wear in the gym

It’s not necessarily the case that gym workers have to neglect their outfits, in fact it’s possible to show off a perfect look even when you sweat.

Whether you have a gym at home or attend courses such as crossfit, G.A.G or pilates, you’ll usually wear vests that help and encourage arm and shoulder movements. It is advisable to wear vests with wider shoulder straps, especially if you have a large breast. You can choose from a wide range of technical and thermal models that won’t leave your back wet for long.

The choice of colours is usually aimed at the sober ones, i.e. grey, black, blue or white. As far as trousers are concerned, if you train with tools or with a free body, it is better to avoid shorts and shorts and opt for comfortable leggings for women and trousers of the suit for men. Usually, dark colors are chosen here too, especially women who want to look thinner and tend not to want to show their faults. If you devote more time to the treadmill you can also wear runner shorts. However, it is preferable to dress as an onion, wearing different types of breathable clothing and remove them depending on the heat you feel.

The choice of shoes, then, is essential. Every type of activity provides an ideal model of footwear. For the gym, for aerobic and cardio activities, it is advisable to choose lighter and more performing models of gym shoes. When you feel the first signs of wear, you should replace them. If, on the other hand, you decide to attend courses that require only socks to be worn, it is preferable to ask the teacher which are the best and if it is necessary to wear non-slip socks.

For women, of course, it is advisable to keep their hair gathered and not to wear necklaces, earrings and various jewels, both for reasons of comfort and because they could break or be lost.