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The benefits of shoes with memory foam soles

Shoes with memory foam soles are the new frontier of comfortable footwear. Perfect for those who love to walk, run but also for everyday life.

Wearing the right shoes, those suitable for your foot and that allow a comfortable and safe stride is a necessity for everyone: in this sense, memory foam shoes represent in every respect the new frontier of comfort.

Shoes with memory foam soles have been on the footwear market for a few years and are undoubtedly the best choice for those who want to combine style and comfort, combining the pleasure of wearing a beautiful shoe with the need to walk safely and comfortably, with greater comfort than normal footwear.

What is memory foam and what are its characteristics?

Memory foam is an innovative material, a special foam designed in the ’60s by NASA for its astronauts and later used mainly in the medical field.

The name is due to the ability of this foam not to return immediately to the initial position: depending on the duration of the pressure to which it is subjected, it is able to maintain the shape of the object that has solicited it.

Initially the memory foam was used for the realization of the mattresses: its particular texture and softness from the strong ergonomic abilities have in fact quickly made it the best material to give a rest from the absolute comfort.

At a certain point, however, the experts thought that if sleeping well was important, so was putting your feet in something comfortable and comfortable. That’s when memory foam shoes were born.

Memory foam shoes: the benefits for the health of the foot and to whom they are recommended

Shoes with a memory foam insole therefore, thanks to the special foam with which they are made, undoubtedly offer greater comfort than normal shoes on the market.

In particular, the ability of the material to model itself on the shape of the foot of the wearer, allows you to have shoes sewn to measure on their ends, ensuring unparalleled comfort and comfort.

Memory foam shoes are therefore ideal for those who spend many hours standing for work, for those who have problems related to the shape of the foot itself, such as the hallux valgus, but especially for those who practice a lot of sport, such as running, because they reduce the friction between foot and shoe, common in sports. Not only that, these shoes are perfect for children, who must always feel free to run and play, without discomfort or constrictions.

Many shoes with soles made of this material have in fact been specifically designed to model themselves on the needs of those who wear them and those who spend a lot of time running or walking, also reducing inflammation, calluses and the possibility of blisters.

Memory foam shoes therefore have 360° benefits, especially with regard to foot health.

Memory foam shoes: how much do they cost?

Shoes made of this material therefore have many advantages and benefits for the health of the foot and this is already a valid reason to buy them.

Many people, however, fear that the prices of memory foam shoes are higher than traditional shoes, but in reality it is not so.

There are different models of memory foam shoes on the market, from low sandals to sneakers and the prices are very affordable.

For example, a memory foam sneaker can cost from 40 to 70 euros, but you can get significantly higher prices for shoes with more advanced performance, which can even exceed 350 euros.

However, these are not different prices from the more traditional brand shoes that often, although not using this technology, have high costs related to the brand.