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Running Clothing: How to dress up to go running?

Some useful tips on the right clothing for running in summer and winter: breathable technical clothing for maximum comfort.

Running is an activity that gives the body many benefits and that takes place mainly in the open air and therefore in different environmental conditions. Of course, you can also wear clothes depending on the weather conditions. So what is the perfect running clothes for those who love running and don’t want to give up even in the rain? Let’s see all the options together.

Summer Running Clothing

Running is a panacea, especially in summer, on sunny days, however, could be very hot. That’s why, with the excessive heat, it is necessary to use t-shirts or vests, shorts and breathable and perforated shoes, so as to make sweat shine and evaporate. As far as underwear is concerned, it is advisable to use cotton or terry cloth and a sporty bra, in the case of women.

Running clothing for winter

Even in winter there are many customers who do not give up and decide to run even in excessive cold. Not everyone knows that the immune system of sportsmen is much more developed than sedentaries, but that of athletes is negatively affected by the large volumes of training, so it is very important to know how to dress to go running outdoors in cold weather conditions. For a runner, two things are essential: maintaining body temperature despite the climate and letting sweat evaporate. The ideal clothing material for running in winter is technical, so it consists of a windproof jacket, rainproof and breathable. The head must be covered with a cap and the neck with a warmer neck. If the cold is excessive, sometimes it is also necessary to wear wool or fleece gloves and a heavy tights. Also in this case, underwear should be breathable and not absorb sweat, so it is better to opt for materials such as fit dry, cooldry and climacool. Running shoes must be breathable, but at the same time they must insulate the feet, more significantly than those used in summer or those normally used in the gym.

Running clothing with rain and snow

Real runners don’t even stop in the rain or snow. Depending on the outside temperature, you choose how you dress, but it’s almost always impossible not to carry a waterproof overcoat. For light rain and snow, a breathable, windproof gore-tex technical jacket is usually used, which provides some insulation. In heavy rain and strong wind, however, it is necessary to use waxes or k-way, perforated in the back, in order to facilitate the evaporation of sweat and protect the body from heat loss.

Running on a treadmill

Running is usually an activity, which as we have said, is carried out outside the home or a gym, but there are those who prefer to run in peace on a treadmill. The ride on the carpet is different from the one that takes place in the streets of the city, so you do not have to pay so much attention to clothing. The only thing that matters is comfort, the use of breathable materials and a good pair of shoes to run.