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How to choose a swimming costume? Models and fabrics

Swimwear isn’t all the same. Let’s see how to choose the one that best suits your physicality and your needs.

Among the many models of swimming costumes available on the market, how to buy the one that best suits you? Swimmers know that swimming costumes that are worn for the sea or those that are more trendy at a given time cannot be used in the pool, but the Olympic costume is necessary. The Olympic costumes are created in such a way as to ensure comfort and total freedom of movement during sporting activity. Whole swimsuits, however, are not all the same, which is why the purchase cannot be based solely on an aesthetic factor. While for men the question is simple enough, for women the choice is much more complex. To identify the model that best suits your physicality, in fact, must be evaluated: size, cups, neckline, trimming, type of straps and type of fabric. Now let’s see in more detail which characteristics to consider in the models for men and women.

The swimming costume for her

If you are not an expert in swimwear for women, the following is a list of the main aspects to consider in order to make a purchase that is appropriate and responsive to your needs:

Epaulettes: These can have three types of straps: Y-shaped, X-shaped and U-shaped. Each type of shoulder strap has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Y-shaped straps provide excellent support for the breast and, leaving the shoulder blades free, guarantee complete freedom of movement for the arms. The only flaw in this type of weave is the particularly high back. The X-shaped straps adapt to any body size and, like the previous ones, allow the arms to move in total freedom. This type of shoulder strap, however, may be less stable and move during swimming, causing discomfort. U-shaped straps are the least suitable for swimming. Leaving their backs fully exposed, they provide less support and are more prone to movement during strokes.

Neckline. If the V-neckline is considered to be the most feminine, the straight neckline is the one that covers and contains the most. The right compromise between the two could be the round neckline, which is well suited to different breast sizes.

Outshape. The trimming of swimsuits can be low, medium or high. The choice between the three depends certainly on the level of coverage you want but also on a purely aesthetic factor. While a high leg section tends to slenderen the legs, a low leg section tends to slenderen the torso.

Cut. It is always advisable to prefer a model that dresses a little tighter when dry than one that dresses right or comfortable. This is because the swimsuits are made of polyester and lycra, two fabrics that become more elastic when wet, soften and lose grip.

Fabric. As already mentioned, swimming costumes are made up of two fabrics in varying percentages, polyester and lycra. Considering that lycra is responsible for the elasticity and adherence of the swimsuit, it is always better to prefer models that have a higher percentage of this fabric.

In addition, if you want to have a guarantee of a longer life of the costume is also good to pay attention to the possible presence of a treatment against chlorine, which significantly damages the fabrics.

The swimming costume for him

The right swimsuit is one that provides coverage, support, freedom of movement and comfort. For men, as well as for women, it is essential that the swimming costumes are adherent, so as to avoid annoying movements during sports activities.

As far as men are concerned, there are not many factors to take into account except for grip. Among the models available, the most popular is certainly the bottom, considered by many to be the most comfortable swimsuit for men. The briefs, in fact, offering minimal coverage, ensure great freedom of movement and also minimize the onset of any irritation. If you prefer more coverage you can opt for shorts or jammers, the long shorts that comes above the knee.