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Heavy duty training: everything you need to know

Heavy duty training provides a range of benefits for your muscles and fitness – that’s what it’s all about and how to do it.

We are talking about a particular type of training that perhaps not everyone knows, it is the heavy duty training, which was created by the famous bodybuilder Mike Mentzer, a man who in the eighties was part of the same group of Nubret, Ferrigno and Schwarzenegger, what we can now say responsible for the spread of bodybuilding.

At that time, those who trained did many series and many days of workouts every week, some even did two training sessions a day, rhythms almost unsustainable without good genetics or even the use of drugs.

One of the first sportsmen who decided to take another path was Mentzer, who believed that many of the principles on which the workouts of the time were based were wrong. He claimed that the perfect method was characterized by short, intense and infrequent workouts.

Heavy duty, the big change

The changes that this type of heavy duty training brought to the traditional methods were many, first of all the cutting of the volume of work that led to the monasteries. In fact, following this training means increasing the intensity of each series, in which you get to the maximum muscle exhaustion.

Many people wonder how a single series can grow a muscle, since it has always been said that the more you train the better. It is also true that different people abandon traditional bodybuilding (different from natural bodybuilding) because they do not achieve the desired results.

Mentzer’s heavy duty training shows that with each series brought to failure adaptation and consequently evolution, or muscle growth, is induced.

Doing other series later would not bring any results because they are too influenced by the tiredness accumulated before, a so-called waste product. Therefore, any other series to come would only disadvantage the recovery process.

How to train with the heavy duty method

The best awareness to train in this way is that you have to improve with each training, so the repetitions and loads increase progressively, without ever neglecting the proper execution of the exercise.

Another fundamental element is to do a few exercises and multi joints, the greater the load and the greater the muscle growth. If you relax on a flat bench with crosses, for example, in the first exercise you can certainly lift more weight than in the second and the hormone response is much greater in the first.

Each repetition must be well controlled and all must be performed at a rate of 4 seconds for the concentric phase and as many for the eccentric phase.

Do not forget the recovery, an essential aspect, a time that can vary depending on different factors, mainly the intensity and the genetics.

Mentzer’s heavy duty training does not establish a fixed frequency for everyone, it does not say how many workouts should be done per week, but it induces every person who practices this method to listen to their body and to be able to understand when it is the right time to train again, the same applies to the recovery times, everyone establishes them according to what they feel. Of course it is also essential to adopt a proper diet of the sportsman.

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